Mission and Vision

Our vision is to be recognised as a leader in the distribution and manufacturing of chemical solutions across multiple industries. Our mission is to provide high-performance products and top-notch services to our customers that add value to their businesses.

Velocity Chemicals’ foundation is built on these four core values:

Mission and Vision Innovation


With a company motto that reads “Accelerated Cleaning Innovations,” it is only to be expected that our products are specially formulated to provide “innovative solutions” to the most site-specific industrial problems. And with the benefit of our free consultancy service, you can be sure that your needs are carefully evaluated before any solution is recommended.

Our extensive range of products offers chemical solutions across multiple industries, but we also have a team of qualified and experienced chemists to provide a custom chemical formulation service that is capable of satisfying our clients’ specific needs.

Mission and Vision Service Excellence

Service Excellence

We believe the cornerstone of our success has been our relationship with our clients. In fact, maintaining and further-developing customer relationships is a core mission of ours, and is why we focus considerable effort on providing a superior experience to them. Through service excellence, we can continue not only to satisfy our existing customers, but to win new ones, building our reputation by providing products that consistently perform to a level that exceeds our customers’ expectations. And they do, which is why we can unconditionally guarantee our products, and confidently pit our expertise against anyone in this industry.

Mission and Vision Service Excellence


Environmental awareness is at an all-time high, especially when it comes to chemical cleaning products. ‘Green Cleaning’ has become a preference amongst clients in a variety of industries, and we are proud to actively promote environmental stewardship by consciously exploring ways to develop safer and more sustainable green formulae. As a result, we provide a dedicated range of ‘greener’ high-performance chemical cleaners and degreasers – a range that is growing all the time. That way, we can help our clients to reduce both maintenance costs and their carbon footprints in one go.

Mission and Vision Safety First


The key word to our philosophy at Velocity Chemicals is safety. Our own staff work in facilities that surpass existing H&S standards, while our clients and product users are protected too. We take the utmost care when formulating our products, and use non-toxic, non-caustic and non-flammable materials where possible. Velocity Chemicals also makes sure user directions on our products are presented precisely and accurately, and that all products are properly and clearly labelled. We also produce MSDS’s (Material Safety Data Sheets) detailing safe storage and user information for all of our products, which is available on this website.

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