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How Custom Chemical Solutions Could Solve Your Unique Supply Problems

Written by Albert Lam on . Posted in Blog, Clean Ideas, Industrial Cleaning

Custom Chemical Cleaning SolutionsUnfortunately, nothing is stagnant when it comes to chemical solvents or the health and safety, and environmental regulations that apply to them. So, what happens when things are changed suddenly, and the trusted cleaner you have been using for years is no longer suitable? A custom chemical solution is the practical answer.

Chemical Graffiti Removers: Greater Care for Greater Results

Written by Albert Lam on . Posted in Blog, Clean Ideas, Graffiti Removal, Industrial Cleaning

Chemical Graffiti Removers SolutionsUsing chemical removers can be a highly effective method in removing graffiti, but it is important to keep in mind the health and safety issues that come with it. It is never a simple matter of just putting on some rubber gloves and getting to work, there are procedures to be followed, and protective gear to wear.

How Heavy Equipment Cleaning Prevents Invasive Species Spreading

Written by Albert Lam on . Posted in Blog, Clean Ideas, Heavy Equipment, Truck and Shovel Cleaning, Mining and Oilsands

Heavy Equipment Cleaning WashingIt’s not the first thought that comes to an environmentalist’s mind when considering the mining and construction industries, but regular heavy equipment cleaning holds very definite positives for the environment – especially when it comes to the problem of spreading invasive species.

Why Effective Demulsifier Treatment Depends on Your Demulsifier Selection

Written by Albert Lam on . Posted in Blog, Clean Ideas, Water and Waste Oil Treatment

Effective Demulsifier TreatmentThe role of a demulsifier is not something commonly discussed over dinner. But in the petroleum industry and water treatment facilities, it is a key component in their operation. Having an effective demulsifier treatment process can save millions of dollars every year in operation costs – but only if the right demulsifier is chosen for the job.

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