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Demulsifiers: What Are They and Why Your Operation Needs Them

Written by Albert Lam on . Posted in Clean Ideas, Water and Waste Oil Treatment

Demulsifiers Chemical Cleaning SolutionIt’s the same whether you are maintaining a home or industrial machinery; using common brands without question is not a wise idea. Do you ever consider whether your laundry powder actually does what it claims to? Do you check to see if the polish used on your fine dining table is doing it more damage than good? When it comes to the equipment vital to your

Beating Vehicle Corrosion: A New Wash System and Low PH Detergent

Written by Albert Lam on . Posted in Blog, Clean Ideas, Commercial Fleet Washing, Professional Car Washing, Truck / Vehicle Wash

Brushless Truck Wash Chemical Cleaning SolutionsIt would be a mistake to think that washing fleets of transit vehicles is a simple matter of splashing on generous amounts of soap and water and applying a fair bit of elbow grease. Properly washing any vehicle relies more on the chemical cleaners being used.

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