Changing Your Chemical Solvents for Greater Cost Efficiency

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Chemical Solvent Cost EfficiencyWe know that you’re not scientists, so when it comes to selecting your industrial chemical products, considering the array of product options, projected costs and health and safety regulations can cause something of a headache. The result? Going for what looks like it can do the job, and at a good price.

But this decision-making procedure can lead to inefficient, costly, pollution-generating and potentially harmful products being purchased, products that cannot do the job required, and can leave you susceptible to the wrath of both the healthy and safety, and the environmental authorities.

For close to a decade, Velocity Chemicals has not only been formulating and delivering leading industrial chemical products, but has been reviewing the choices made by companies, helping them to find the right chemical solvents for their specific needs.

To date, we have carried out hundreds of solvent substitution conversions, helping to deliver greater performance, compliance, conformance and cost efficiency in the products chosen.


The Velocity Chemicals Approach

At Velocity Chemicals, we know how specific the needs of every industry can be, and each company within that industry. So, our approach is both detailed and client specific, taking into account the industrial chemicals products being used, the methods and machinery in place, and the personnel involved. We also examine the existing cleaning processes being used to remove contaminants.

Though solvent substitution conversions, solvent consumption levels can fall by as much as 30%. This is because, by recommending more suitable product choices and more efficient practices, better results and longer chemical solvent lifecycles can be achieved.

What We Do

  • eliminating the unnecessary and ineffective
  • optimizing up-time
  • maximizing chemical solvents use
There is a wide range of aspects associated with solvent choices that are either wasteful or ineffective, and others that contribute to greater worker health and environmental risks. Things like unsafe labeling, over-engineered and under-engineered solutions, highly diluted water-based solutions, and product-application misalignment can end up raising costs, lowering standards and increasing the risk of non-compliance. Solvent substitution conversion eliminates and replaces these options with more effective ones.

Optimizing up-time means introducing mechanical procedures where possible, effectively reducing worker exposure to harmful chemical solvents. It also means improving filtration systems in parts washers, and reducing exposure to surface preparation ‘hand-wipe’ chemicals.

And, with the introduction of mechanical or chemical rinsing or drying agents, it also results in the reduction of labour hours and equipment downtime.

Finally, we maximize your industrial chemical products by responsibly recycling them. Contributing to reliable chemical solvent recovery systems, whose payback periods are short, results in a cleaner and greener reputation that adheres to environmental regulations.

And, when it comes to your machinery and equipment, our team of experienced professionals can advise on how to better maintain them, ensuring greater efficiency and a longer lifespan.
For more information on solvent substitution conversions, and our dedicated review service, simply email Paul Krieser , or call us at 606-881-4700.

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