9 Tricks to Cleaning Your Car You Never Expected

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Car Clean Chemical SolutionThere is a certain satisfaction taken from getting your car truly clean, leaving it gleaming in the sunlight looking as new as the day it first emerged off the factory assembly line.

The good news is that attaining that level of clean is simple and inexpensive, with some surprisingly everyday items key to completing the job.

We give you just 9 of them – the Top 9 Tricks You Never Expected could get your car super-clean.

1. Hair Conditioner: Healthy Shines for Car and Driver

Haircare companies are all too willing to highlight the glamorous benefits of using their hair conditioner, but they neglect to tell you the magic is transferable. Since hair conditioner contains lanolin, a substance naturally secreted by sheep to protect their wool and skin, it is ideal for bringing out that luxurious deep waxed effect, as well as protecting against the elements.

2. Window Cleaner and Panty Hose: See the Light

This isn’t as suspicious as it sounds. A common window cleaner can clean headlights, but the fine material in panty hose is ideal for getting the highest level of clean and sparkle.

3. Cola: Fizzy Windshield Cleaners

Windshield dust quickly builds up in dry weather, but when a hose is taken to it, streaks of grime can often develop. But this unsightly mess can be fizzed away with the help of some carbonated liquid, which breaks down and lifts the grime away. But warm water is needed to wash away the sticky cola afterward.

4. Baby Wipes: Clean as a Baby’s . . .

It is no secret that the wet baby wipes found in almost any convenience store has super-soft cleaning powers. But they are also ideal as car windshield and window cleaners.

5. Ammonia: Cleaner Windshield Wipers

Often, it is the blades on your windshield wipers that cause all the trouble, with even a modicum of dirt leaving streaks across the glass. But by wiping the blades with some household ammonia (1/4 cup) mixed with some cold water, those marks are prevented.

6. Ammonia: Keep a Supply At Hand

Of course, keeping a tight-capped bottle of that ammonia-water mixture in your car means any streaks on any of your car’s windows can be quickly erased anytime and anywhere. Keep a sponge and a dry soft cloth to apply the mixture too.

7. Vodka: Washing Fluid With a Kick

Russia’s favourite spirit is a core part of a cocktail you don’t want to sip, but which will certainly refresh your car’s windshield. Just mix vodka and water (3:4 cups) with a couple of teaspoons of common household dishwashing liquid to create a highly-effective windshield washing fluid.

8. Cream of Tartar: Sending Back-Road Muck Back

It seemed a good idea to spray oil dusty back-roads to prevent dust from flying into the air when driving on it. The problem is the film of oily grit it leaves on windshields and windows. Sprinkling cream of tartar over the offensive mess breaks the oil down, with warm soapy water rinsing the glass clean.

9. Baking Soda: A Homemade Cleaning Solution

Preparing your own homemade cleaning solution is easy. Just mix baking soda and dishwashing liquid with some water and the job is done. The measurements are 1/4 cup of both with a gallon of water. When needed, add 1 cup of the mixture to 2 gallons of warm water and stir well.

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