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9 Tricks to Cleaning Your Car You Never Expected

Written by Albert Lam on . Posted in Blog, Clean Ideas, Commercial Fleet Washing, Truck / Vehicle Wash

Car Clean Chemical SolutionThere is a certain satisfaction taken from getting your car truly clean, leaving it gleaming in the sunlight looking as new as the day it first emerged off the factory assembly line.

The good news is that attaining that level of clean is simple and inexpensive, with some surprisingly everyday items key to completing the job.

How Custom Chemical Solutions Could Solve Your Unique Supply Problems

Written by Albert Lam on . Posted in Blog, Clean Ideas, Industrial Cleaning

Custom Chemical Cleaning SolutionsUnfortunately, nothing is stagnant when it comes to chemical solvents or the health and safety, and environmental regulations that apply to them. So, what happens when things are changed suddenly, and the trusted cleaner you have been using for years is no longer suitable? A custom chemical solution is the practical answer.

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