7 Reasons A Regular Fleet Wash Regimen Is Worthwhile

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VELOCITY -Truck Fleet Wash Regimen Industrial Chemical Cleaners Degreasers SolutionsIt might seem that washing your fleet of trucks when they need it is a sufficient policy. But it would be a mistake to believe that ‘when they need it’ is ever sufficient. A more effective policy would be to establish a regular fleet wash regimen so that your fleet’s appearance remains consistently high quality and positive.

Velocity Chemicals And Goodbye Graffiti™ Sign Exclusive Global Agreement

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graffiti Removal Chemical Cleaning SolutionsSurrey, BC – In a significant development at the dawn of 2016, Velocity Chemicals Ltd has announced an exclusive agreement with Goodbye Graffiti Inc granting them the global license for the manufacture, sale and distribution of the graffiti removal company’s own line of cleaning products.

AQUASAVER: Velocity Chemical Introduces The Most Eco-Friendly Car Wash Yet

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AQUASAVER-Spray-on-Waterless-Auto-Wash-Chemical-Cleaning-SolutionSurrey, BC – Velocity Chemicals Ltd has announced the release of its newest and most eco-friendly car cleaning product yet, the revolutionary AQUASAVER Spray-On Waterless Auto Wash.

One of Canada’s leading names in the formulation and manufacture of environmentally friendly chemical car wash solutions, Velocity Chemicals latest addition to its range allows users to wash vehicles thoroughly without the need to use water to rinse dirt and grime away.

Standard Milking System Cleaning Procedure And Why It Matters

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Standard Milking System Cleaning Procedure SanitizationThe significance of cleaning and sanitizing milking systems at your dairy farm hardly needs to be repeated. But the secret to successfully fulfilling this obligation rests heavily on following set procedures to thoroughly clean the equipment, system and milk-contact surfaces in questions.

Sanitizers and Disinfectants: Why Understanding The Difference Is Important

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Sanitizers and Disinfectants food processing dairy livestock arable farming operationWhether operating a food processing plant, or maintaining a dairy, livestock or arable farming operation, concern over levels of hygiene and cleanliness is always acute. Anywhere that food is processed or handled, the risk of contamination can be high if this single issue is not attended to properly. So, it stands to reason that your choice of chemical sanitizers and disinfectants is important.
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