Custom Cleaning Solutions You Can Trust for Your Industrial Parts

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Custom Cleaning industrial metal chemical cleaning solutionWhen your business is concerned with providing top quality reliable parts to the manufacturing, processing or refining industries, keeping those parts in perfect order is going to be a key priority. Having the right cleaning solutions – whether general or specifically tailored – is, therefore, of great importance.

Of course, the trouble is how to find custom cleaning solutions that satisfy your needs and the needs of your customers. Not all suppliers have the flexibility to do so, and even amongst those who claim to, the standards in quality and reliability are not always adequate. Blending chemical solutions to degrease or clean a specific industrial part is a complex process, with the right blend of chemicals dependent on the metal or material the part is made of, as well as the process it is used in. Put simply, your business cannot afford to find just any company to create your custom-made cleaning product – they must be right for you.

To simplify the task of finding the right company, we suggest you ask these key questions:
  • who has a proven record in creating custom cleaning solutions?
  • who is adequately qualified, in terms of experience and know-how, to do the job?
  • who offers consultancy services as standard?

For each of these questions, the simple answer is Velocity Chemicals, Canada’s fastest growing manufacturer of specialty chemical products and a trusted name amongst industrial, institutional and retail customers alike.

A Proven Record

Velocity Chemicals creates chemical solutions to deal with specific client problems, and because its range of specialty chemical products is produced in-house, solutions can be produced quickly and efficiently. So, it has a proven record in creating custom cleaning solutions that are completely reliable and cost-effective too.

Qualified, Experienced, Knowledgeable

It is essential that manufacturers of custom cleaning products are fully qualified in the sector. It is the only way you can be sure of getting high-quality products that really work. It is always a good idea to do some research before choosing a company. In that regard, the name of Velocity Chemicals continually crops up. This is because it has the technology and experience needed to blend chemicals to create a custom cleaning product successfully.

While Velocity Chemicals has been established since 2005, each of its principal personnel has between 18 and 28 years experience in the chemical cleaners sector. Armed with their knowledge and expertise, Velocity Chemicals has become cleaning partner of some of Canada’s largest companies, in such sectors as the transportation, heavy equipment manufacture and repair, forestry, food processing, mining, oil and gas production, and water treatment.

Consultancy Services

Of course, finding solutions starts with understanding the problem. Part of the reason behind the success of Velocity Chemicals is that it provides a personalised consultancy service that involves a careful assessment of the problem and what suitable solutions are available. With sound advice, Velocity Chemicals can offer greater value for money to each customer. After all, the solution should never be simply a patch-up job, but something that truly enhances a business’s performance levels too, bringing it to the next level while reducing costs at the same time.

If your company is looking for custom cleaning products that are completely effective, completely reliable, enhances efficiency, and improves environmental adherence, then contact Velocity Chemicals today. Simply email Paul Krieser for more information, or call
606-881-4700 to find out why.

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