How Your Drilling Mud Demulsifier Can Lower Cost And Boost Efficiency

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Drilling Companies - Drilling Mud Demulsifier |  Effective, Cost-Efficient Drilling companies are already very aware of the responsibilities they have to their company, their employees and the environment. But with responsible drilling, and the considerable investment required for it, comes greater pressure to maintain a cost-efficient operation. Choosing the right drilling mud demulsifier can play a big part in achieving this.

The combination of operational concerns means a solution is not always simple, especially where there is also a need to maintain high levels of productivity to ensure there is no negative impact on profitability.

Drilling mud is just as critical a part of a drilling operation as the drilling equipment that is used. It is the most effective and cost-efficient way to wash cuttings and other solids out of the system, items that can damage equipment. The mud (or ‘drilling fluid’) also lubricates and cools the drill bit.

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How Demulsifiers Lower Costs And Boost Efficiency

  1. Low Concentrations – As with every product, the longer it lasts the more value for money it is. Chemical demulsifiers are by far the most value for money when they work effectively in low concentrations. It means that a smaller amount of the formula can be used each time without compromising its effectiveness, lengthening the time over which the demulsifier lasts. Velocity Chemicals’ RENEGADE, for example, is available in 20 L pails, 200 L drums and 1000 L Totes, but because it comes in only concentrated form, those measurements can last much longer than alternative forms.
  2. Low Maintenance – It is essential to maintain the condition of the drilling machinery and equipment needed for the operation itself. Failure to do so can result in a complete operation shutdown, which would be a disaster. This means carrying out regular maintenance, the cost of which can build up to become extremely high.

    Drilling mud demulsifiers can help to keep maintenance costs low because they separate the three elements of the used mud more effectively, separating oil from water and allowing solids (including the most damaging cuttings) to settle and be more easily extracted before the mud is recycled and put to use again.

  3. Low Temperatures – Demulsifiers designed to work at lower temperatures also make a critical difference to the overall costs of operation. When they are injected into the used drilling mud, the demulsifiers must mix intimately with the emulsions if they are to nullify the effect of the emulsifying agent.

    Temperature has a major influence on this process, so the lower the minimum temperature the lower the cost of heating expenses incurred as part of the mud treatment process.

  4. Flexible Formulation – Every drilling company seeks to achieve the best possible results, but when it comes to the choice of drilling mud demulsifier, getting it right is a complex matter. The geological makeup can vary dramatically between drilling sites, making the weight of the drilling mud used different. For this reason, the chemical makeup of a demulsifier needs to be adapted to if it is to perform effectively.

    Velocity Chemicals can adapt the RENEGADE formula to match the specific needs of a specific drilling operation, ensuring that the results are always at the highest level possible.

  5. Better Treatment – It is essential for drilling companies to treat the drilling mud effectively. In this regard, there are two important factors to consider. Firstly, whether the mud has a cationic charge (positive ion charge) or an anionic charge (negative ion charge). An effective demulsifier will have the opposite charge.

    Because RENEGADE has a cationic charge, it is perfect for treating mud with an anionic charge. A mud with a cationic charge is best served by BUNKER BREAKER II, which is an anionic demulsifier.

    Secondly, the consistency of the mud can have an impact. A high-performance demulsifier can break down the complex emulsion blend of oil, water and solid particles more effectively, because more oil is successfully removed, leaving the water and solids to be separated through ‘settling’.

Velocity Chemicals’ RENEGADE

At Velocity Chemicals, we have a proven record in the manufacture of demulsifiers for a variety of industry sectors. RENEGADE is a highly-effective drilling mud demulsifier which has been designed to meet the needs of oil drilling companies in both performance levels and cost efficiency.

Available in concentrated form in 20 L pails, 200 L drums and 1000 L Totes it can meet the specific needs of an operation. It can be ordered directly from Velocity Chemicals, with shipping to anywhere in BC within 24 hours.

For more information, call one of our experts Toll-Free on 1-888-963-9499.

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