Using The Best Industrial Cleaners: Why Making Sure Pays

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Industrial CleanersFor almost any area of life, there is a popular quote that fits. Often recognised as pearls of wisdom, they are designed to strengthen confidence (if not restore it) when uncertainty might otherwise take hold. We go for the “the tried and trusted” rather than the new arrival, and advise “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

But such pearls are not always as right as they might seem, especially when dealing with industrial cleaners.

Development is a key element of the chemical industry, so when it comes to using the very best industrial cleaners to remove grease, oil, grime, dirt and the myriad of particles that can wear down your valuable machinery and vehicles, it is never a good idea to stand still. In fact, just as technology and machinery continually advance, so too do the compounds in the cleaning products used to maintain them.

Why Using the Best Industrial Cleaners is so Important

A chemical cleaning product may have served your needs well for years, but research shows that sticking to the same cleaning product for too long can cause your company to suffer. There are two reasons why.

Firstly, industrial performance depends greatly on the ability of chemical cleaning products to remove all of the grease, oil, dirt, rust and minute particles from even the smallest areas to ensure all of the mechanical parts run smoothly together. Any failure to do so slows down the process. The best industrial cleaners will not only ensure smooth operations, but will also help to enhance efficiency levels and lower the operational costs involved. It might seem your “tried and trusted” cleaning product is doing a fine job, but the newest chemical cleaner can make a real difference.

Secondly, the regulations relating to workplace health and safety, and environmental issues, are regularly updated. Older chemical cleaners are generally unable to keep up with such changes. In fact, the older the chemical cleaner, the more likely it is to contain unhealthy toxins that are no longer permitted. It means that by loyally sticking to your trusted brand, your company runs the risk of facing penalties for failing to adhere to regulations.

Consistently, research shows that these new industrial cleaning products are more effective, safer, environmentally cleaner and overall less costly than older cleaners. Are these not traits you would associate with the best industrial cleaners?

Newest Really Is Best

Not every new industrial cleaner can be considered the best industrial cleaner, and while “tried and trusted” cleaners fall behind standards, the same does not necessarily apply to manufacturers. Velocity Chemicals, for example, is a trusted name, so its range of custom-blended chemical cleaning products are confidently counted amongst the best industrial cleaners on the market.

The newest cleaning products are friendlier to the environment, but also comprise chemical compounds that ensure higher levels of cleaning. Safer, cleaner and more effective, the risk of injury to the user is lower, the impact on the environment is less and the effectiveness in cleaning, enhancing efficiency and lowering costs is greater than ever before.

Of course, what is the best industrial cleaner today, may be third or fourth a year from now. It is important to continually reassess what the market has to offer. Velocity Chemicals continually invests in research and development so its position as a trusted and reliable business partner to some of Canada’s leading companies in a wide variety of sectors – from transportation to food processing, and mining to oil and gas production – is maintained

Why not contact Velocity Chemicals to find out more about the benefits of the newest industrial cleaning solutions, and how best to make the transition. Simply email Paul Krieser for more information, or call 606-881-4700 to find out why.

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