Why Disinfecting Food Processing Operations Is About More Than Just Hygiene

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VELOCITY - Disinfecting Food Processing Operations | Hard SurfacesThroughout the food processing industry, disinfecting all exposed surfaces is an edict that must be followed as gospel. But while hygiene and food safety are the obvious motivations behind this regulation, the impact is actually much wider reaching than that.

Wherever food might be handled or processed, a large selection of soils is likely to buildup. These soil deposits can harbour harmful microorganisms which can be a serious health risk. The only way to minimize the risk of contamination is to establish and follow a regular cleaning regime, using the correct cleaning products to ensure the best results.

Food preparation surfaces are hugely important in this regard, but equally significant is the cleanliness of processing equipment, any cutting, mincing or tenderizing utensils, storage items and spaces and, of course, floors and walls. Cleaning and then disinfecting all of these is the key to achieving a hygienically clean food handling and processing environment.

At Velocity Chemicals, we have first-hand experience in helping food-related businesses of all sizes – whether local restaurants or major food processing plants – achieve this aim. But we also know that the benefits extend beyond simply passing hygiene inspections. The impact can also relate to operational and financial matters.

Operational Impact

Improve Plant Efficiency – As food processing equipment gathers grease and oil, and the soils buildup becomes thicker, the efficiency of the production process is compromised. The most obvious example is with any moving parts which are forced to slow down, which in turn means that the rate of production in the working day is lessened.

Improves Energy Consumption – If equipment is operating efficiently, especially when its moving parts are clean and working smoothly, then energy consumption is kept equally efficient. This is because the electricity consumed for keeping motors running (for example, for a conveyor belt) remains at its lowest rate.

Enhances Workplace Safety – Where equipment, work spaces or work surfaces are not kept clean, safety standards are typically compromised. For example, floor may have grease patches on which workers can slip and injure themselves, utensils may be harder to grip due to greasy handles, minor cuts and scrapes may also become infected due to unclean blades and corners and, of course, equipment may fall apart leaving workers vulnerable to serious injury.

VELOCITY - Disinfecting Food Processing Operations | Hatcheries Poultry Swine Premises

Legal And Financial Impact

Extends Equipment Life – This is particularly important in food processing where the equipment used can be quite expensive but is operated over long hours. Through proper cleaning and maintenance, the machinery will operate effectively and efficiently for longer, reducing the cost of maintenance and the possibility of unexpected downtime.

Minimize Legal Ramifications – It is not unusual to hear of a bar or restaurant losing their license because of a failure to pass a health inspection. Often, this is the outcome of having poor cleaning policies in place, and ensuring staff satisfy them. But without doubt, disinfecting surfaces – both food contact and non-food contact – and having them hygienically clean is essential.

Helps Improve Stakeholder Confidence – Keeping a food processing plant in ship-shape state also helps to keep stakeholders confidence high. With clean, sanitized and disinfected working areas, production quality is high which is exactly what investors want to know.

Food Processing Cleaners From Velocity Chemical’s

Velocity Chemicals is already one of the most trusted names in the formulating and manufacturing of chemical cleaners and disinfectants for the food processing industry. Each product in our range is specifically designed to deliver without impacting negatively on the quality of food being produced.

In cleaning and disinfecting food processing and handling surfaces, our 3 most popular products are:

VELOSANusing a quaternary ammonium compound, it is one of the most trusted products for cleaning and sanitizing hard surfaces in food processing and industrial areas. CFIA approved, it’s an effective one-step sanitizer for non-food contact surfaces and food contact surfaces where a rinse is not required. It’s a non-acid disinfectant with no phosphates that cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes at the same time. Recommended for use in hatcheries, poultry and swine premises to disinfect and clean equipment or heavy-duty vehicles, and other hard surfaces. VELOSAN also has a federally recognized Canadian Drug Identification Number (DIN).

ALUMINEXan aluminum brightener, etchant and cleaner, ALUMINEX removes rust, oxides, lime and silicate soils from food contact and non- food contact surfaces thoroughly and efficiently. CFIA-approved, its fast-acting formula is ideal for the food processing industry, keeping surfaces hygienically clean with a long-lasting ‘as-new’ satin finish.

WONDERSOLa medium-duty alkaline general purpose liquid cleaner, its tough acting formula is highly-efficient at removing grease and oil from heavy machinery, specialized equipment and food processing equipment, walls and floors. WONDERSOL can be sprayed, foamed or run through a pressure washer, and is ideal for use in hard water areas.

To learn more about how our range of products can improve your operation’s efficiency, or just to ascertain which Velocity Chemicals cleaning product best suits your needs, why not talk to one of our team at 1-888-963-9499.

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